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The race cars that start in the HRA (Historic Racecar Association) “German Open” have one thing in common: they have four open wheels and just one seat. The “German Open” is the playground of the smaller formula classes, from Formula Junior to Formula 1. The maximum capacity of the small formulae always followed Formula 1, when they used 1500 cc, Formula 3 would be limited to 1000 cc, when Formula 1 grew to 3 liters, then Formula 3 moved to 2 liter capacity.

GO1: The fastest cars in the HRA

In the German Open Class 1 you will find the Formula 2 cars with 1600cc and Formula Atlantic / Formula B also, also with 1600cc. The "open" engines of this racing class are usually driven by Ford Cosworth engines, either the FV or BD series from Cosworth. Also in the GO1 are the little Formula 1 cars with 1500cc engine capacity, as they were used, from 1961-1965. The rapid water-cooled Super Vee’s, as used from 1978 onwards can also start here up to 1982.

GO2: Formula 3

In the German Open Class 2 are Formula 3 cars with 2000cc displacement, as driven since 1974 up to the current day. Vehicles up to Year 1984 are eligible to start here.

Among them are such well-known manufacturers such as Ralt, March, Chevron, Argo and GRD, the motor usually used is the Toyota Novaotor, the Alfa Novamotor and VW engines from Brabham-Judd and Spiess. Drivers from this era were Bertram Schäfer, Alain Prost, Nigel Mansell, Ayrton Senna, Gerhard Berger, Stefan Bellof or Nelson Piquet.

GO3: Formula Ford 2000 and Formula Renault.

In the German Open Class 3 Formula Ford 2000 cars up to 1988 can start, they share the class with the Formula Renault and Formula Renault Turbo motor cars up to 1984

GO4: Formula Junior and Formula 3

The older Formula 3 and Formula Junior cars (with disc brakes) are the backbone of GO4. But here, the field is complemented by equally powerful vehicles like the formula Easter racing cars. Also appearing here  are F3 1000cc "Screamer" with their highly tuned engines in cars from Merlyn, Lotus, Brabham and Tecno against the first F3 1600 wing cars from March, Ensingn or GRD, almost all relying on a Lotus Twin Cam as a power source.

GO5: Formula Ford 1600 – the world’s most successful race series

The Formula Ford 1600, are to be found in the GO5, is the most successful Formula racing series in the world. It was launched in 1967 and was the springboard for many drivers like Michael Schumacher, Ayrton Senna or Stefan Bellof up to the Formula 1 race car .They have no aerodynamic aids and running on profiled tires. The engine is the familiar 1600 Ford Kent engine as was used in the Escort. The first chassis manufacturer was Lotus followed by well-known manufacturers like March, van Diemen, Reynard, and Hawke who produced chassis for this low priced entry level series.

GO6: Sports 2000

The HRA is not limited to Formula cars, even the entry level cars from the sports prototype class Sports2000, can be found here. The vehicles based on the technology of Formula Ford 2000 may be used in our sprint races here, but can also be moved in long-distance races. Here you can join the field with cars up to 1986.

Particularly pleasing is the relatively low cost in this series. Ready to use vehicles are available starting at 10,000 euros (Formula Ford 1600), Formula 3 for 2 liter cars prices are around € 30,000. However, also the cost of racing these cars and the spare parts costs are within reasonable limits, some participants will use only one set of tires for the complete season.

But you do not have the fastest car in the field have to be the HRA Champion, so you will find a consistently good driver from Formula Ford 1600 class with the start # 1 on his car in some years.

Spectators will find the complete history of formula racing offered in the HRA paddock. There's always a marque and class diversity at the start, which can usually only be found in a Museum and the vehicle’s are within reach. The drivers like to tell the stories of their race cars and pictures with spectators in cars are not a problem.